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SEYMM project lays on the philosophy that social entrepreneurship education is a lifelong learning process, whereby the entrepreneur will be faced with challenges, especially since the social entrepreneurship focuses on disadvantaged areas. Youth entrepreneurs will have to come up with innovative solutions in order to solve socially significant problems & challenges. They have to be ambitious and persistent in order to tackle major social issues and offer new ideas for a wide-scale change. Social entrepreneurs act as the agents of change within society, seizing opportunities that others miss to improve systems, invent new approaches, and create solutions to change society for the better. While a business entrepreneur might create entirely new industries, a social entrepreneur develops innovative solutions and stimulates the social change.

Europe needs active young citizens who are media literate and capable and of developing quality media content that will make a positive impact in their local communities. Community Media created and directed by young people is an area that can help develop active citizenship and social capital throughout Europe.

In order to build the capacity of young people their media capacity should be increased. Community Media is comprised of a set of tools and networks that young people can use in order to make their voice heard and through subsequent media actions in the community and at European citizenship level, become more empowered.

The SEYMM project idea is to develop new educational modules for young members of local communities in the area of:

  • Community Media technical skills
  • Entrepreneurship skills
  • Management of the collaborative involvement of community, members, and target groups

Guideline for Community Media Makers:

The Social Entrepreneurship for Young Community Media Makers (SEYMM) project aims to be in line with the recent Media Literacy strategies to increase access to media training opportunities, media skills training and to hands-on coaching in media tools. The project also aims to increase the access to media skills training, so young people to be able to voice their concerns and contribute to public discourse. In addition the project will provide young people with social entrepreneurship skills in Community Media and empower them to bring their community issues and challenges into the public domain, become self-organized and develop their communities.

Guideline for The Social Entrepreneurship:

The SEYMM project involves three partners from the countries of Turkey, Portugal and Bulgaria, all of which have experience in volunteering and youth training. They are specialised in core fields such as community media, cyber volunteering, community video production, technology/ICT training and educational research and training.

The duration of SEYMM is 30 months with start date: 01/09/2016 and end date 28/2/2019. Four intellectual outputs will be during the lifetime of the project:

  1. Community media training need analysis report
  2. Community media and social entrepreneurship training curriculum
  3. E-learning modules with practical exercises
  4. Assessment and impact scales strategy

Start date: 01 September 2016
End date: 28 February 2019
Duration: 30 months

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